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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Why there is no image with this post

Is there a "Selfies for Dummies" site?  

This evening, Dave and I went out for dinner---just us; a date.  I changed into a brand-new dress, chose the exactly right necklace and earrings, added my favourite wedge heels and did the make-up thing to what felt like perfection.

"Hmm" said I, "I could take a picture of me as a grown-up in a dress I really like, and post it on my blog and just relax and enjoy the compliments."


I couldn't figure out how to get a selfie that showed the dress without cutting off my head, or without showing just the top of a dress whose specialness is in the bottom half.

Never mind.  Dave and I went to a place called Salt on Preston St., and got 600 times our money's worth in date qualities.  The bartender introduced himself, remembered our names and used them until we left, the wine and the food were superlative, the owner came round and asked us if we were enjoying ourselves, and the bathroom was a place I could live in for the rest of my life.  Photos were extraneous.

Just imagine a time we were together and you thought I looked the best I'd ever looked.  Then add the magic of a couple of glasses of wine, flattering candlelight and the love of my life.


  1. Picturing u in my mind. Sounds Wonderful!!

  2. And I didn't bring my camera and insist on a photo of you looking so lovely. What was I not thinking!
    Your other, and still very much in love, fraction.

  3. Way to go Lorna! I love awesome bathrooms and need some ideas for mine. Soft lighting is the best friend anyone over 50 can have...well except for wine!

  4. beautiful post! I enjoyed imagining the photo that would have been.

  5. Yes, I can picture the two of you together on your date--and you look spectacular, Lorna.

  6. Hmmm ... you could have passed the camera to Dave. lol

  7. You look fabulous! :-)

  8. I wrote a whole post myself on my inability to selfie.
    I think I can continue to live without this skill.
    And you, my dear, always look lovely, and have the ability to paint a picture with your words.
    Sounds like a nice night - am tempted to try it out myself!

  9. Take the pic in a mirror, turn off the flash. It's how all the kids are doing it!!