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Monday, 21 July 2014

Lucky? I guess!!

I took none of the following photos, which explains why I really love them.  I wish I had more.

Last Friday, Chris was home overnight, and Dave was just a week past his birthday, so we had a family dinner to celebrate those two things.  It was an excellent evening, at which only one of us took photos, which was really a shame because we'd spiffed up the patio, laid on a good-sized meal which included Chris's special request for roast beef and yorkshire pudding and shared the hand-made birthday greetings that some of the people at Dave's 60th birthday had given us to present to Dave on his next significant birthday.  Food, drink, friends, family, balloons, kids, and emotion---it couldn't have been better, unless it had been bigger, which Dave had especially asked that we not do.

Dave, post-food, pre-birthday greetings:

Me and our friend Merv, watching kids' hi-jinks:

And an especially lovely photo of Emily:

We have been so lucky to have such wonderful days to treasure.


  1. Sounds like a great day and the photos are lovely ones.

  2. Family, friends, and good food. No better way to celebrate.

  3. Look how cute you are with your bracelets!
    Days like that are meant to be documented and savoured.

    1. Hi, I have wangled you a pair of Pride rainbow earrings...if you send me your address at, I'll send them on.Would you like a PFLAG Canada bracelet too? I have a few hanging about.

  4. I formally take this opportunity to wish Dave a belated happy birthday.