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Friday, 1 August 2014

What do these things have in common ?

  • fill the kettle
  • place coffee in the plastic cone on top of my cup
  • combine washed berries with yoghurt and grab a quick taste
  • pour boiling water through the cone
  • make the bed
  • start up the laptop
  • refrain from Facebook
  • collect my book/magazine from the side of the bed
  • turn my black coffee into a double, double
  • finish the yoghurt and berries
  • sit down in the living room with my coffee and book/magazine
  • look up, puzzled

These are all things I do while Dave is putting on his runners in the front hall.  I dearly and deeply love this man, and his qualities are myriad and amazing, but the man has no relationship with time. Should it matter?


  1. Nicely done. I could never have predicted where you were going with this.

  2. I'm "dearly and deeply loved": that part is good. My qualities are "myriad and amazing": still doing very well. "Has no relationship with time": Let me see. Does that mean I'm timeless? . . . . . . .Coming dear! No, we won't be late, don't worry.