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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Unremembrance of things past

Today and yesterday I spent hours reading my old blogposts and the comments people have left on them, and it was so much fun.  I would look at the title and try to figure out what the post was about, and seldom was I right.  To make that seem less doltish, I often couldn't find a connection between the title, which I always slipped in last, and the content.  Imagine what that must have been like for people who read those posts.

It saddened me a bit to see comments from people I don't hear from anymore---mostly because they've gone to Facebook or Google Plus, and stopped writing blogposts.  When I was reading the 2010 posts, especially the ones written around our trip to California, I was reminded how amazing it was to have actually met some of the people whose blogs I read.  Blogging seems to make stronger links between people than Facebook or Google Plus, probably because so much more of the writer is invested in blogs.

Most surprising was the change in our grandchildren as evidenced by the photos and videos.  I thought I could remember everything about those kids, so I was delighted to see them in forgotten photos where they were younger, rounder-faced, not-walking-yet or still wowed by things that are old-hat to them now.   

I always hoped from the time I first started blogging that I would take pleasure in it.  What I hadn't realized that the pleasure wouldn't be just in the writing.  


  1. Yes! I just had this conversation 2 nites ago & of course your name came up. So glad we met. Look forward to day we meet in real life!

  2. I too go over old blog entries of mine sometimes and it's quite enlightening -- so much has changed, so much has remained the same -- so much time has gone by -- and the photos are a most pleasant reminder.

  3. I also do that from time to time although I can't remember the last time. My Flickr and YouTube accounts are also good memory sources. What I like about reading my old blogs though, is that I actually had something to say on rare occasions. Very rare, I admit.

  4. I love going back and re-reading old posts and comments!!! It's my favorite thing. I also do it on blogs I've read for years, go back and enjoy them again. Blogging seems to be fading for many people, stupid Facebook.