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Friday, 12 September 2014


Today I was walking along the hallway, starting to worry because my vision seemed to be failing.  This was coming on the news that my hearing is diminished in both ears.

Then I realized I was walking with my reading glasses on.  Still having trouble with the ears though.


  1. Oh Lorna, I needed a laugh tonight... and you delivered. Thank you

    Sue xx

  2. Aging eyes are no laughing matter! LOL. But laugh we must, or we'll cry.
    The glass I use for distance seeing, like watching TV, well ... I now see TV better without them. Do you think it's because my eyes are improving? Pfft! It is to dream!
    Another trip to the optometrist is in order, clearly. Shoot.
    Sorry to hear about the ears, Lorna. Hope it isn't anything too serious.

  3. I'm as deaf as a post. It's the rock and roll. Blind as a bat, too! I've looked for glasses and they've been on top of my head before so I totally get it.

  4. Check to see if you have your earplugs in.

  5. I've got prescription sunglasses, glasses for reading on the computer (although they are not 'reading' glasses, just an old pair I found in a basket in my bedroom that seem to work since I broke my progressives), I have ones for seeing anything at a distance like t.v. or driving at night. It's fun to manage all of them. NOT! One day recently I realized I was driving with my computer glasses on... the car sort of knows it's way to certain destination anyway so all was okay. Ha!

  6. You're ok at the moment. But wait til I need more than tri-focals. Your loving, seeing (for now) eye dog.

  7. I'm always losing my glasses ... oh ya, they are on my head!