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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Call me irresponsible.....

What does it say about you when your most visited sites are Google, IMDB, Kobo, OCTranspo and

Everyone has their own reasons for visiting Google; mine are myriad.

IMDB is there because while I love old movies, new TV and streaming programs, I can never match up a person's name, face and vehicle.  And by that I mean artistic vehicle.  And by that  I don't mean a 1964 Camaro.

My reasons for visiting Kobo are similar to my reasons for actually visiting the Wine Rack store.  I am more restrained at the Wine Rack.

OCTranspo is in the list because I hate to be late to anything, and transit schedules, glitches and failures are there to help me, if I'm not in the mood to drive.


I only visit the site where these live once a week or so...I think I should be lauded for my resistance.
A fish called wander heel


  1. Verily, thou art an ascetic of the highest order.

  2. Ascetic indeed.That those Fish Called Wander Heels haven't shown up in one of our closets is an act of self-denial of the highest order. Bravo Lornascetic! Bravo! Your loving other fraction.

  3. Mine are all my blogs that I read and TMZ. Seriously. And the local-ish news. And Pinterest. That's about it lately.
    You'd love the local shoe store here. Eclectic footwear!

  4. Oh, thanks, Lorna.... now I'm looking at shoes at 7:19 am when I should be, uh, cleaning!! lol
    It's a good thing that the 'Flying Burger People Eater' ones aren't available yet. I love me a nice platform heel. I probably wouldn't actually buy them... oh, I'd think about it though. They might even go into the cart for an hour or two.
    My girlfriend has the 3rd pair down (in black). She loves them! I tried a similar pair on and found it hard to walk. The heel had a jelly feel to it and I thought I'd lose my balance.