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Monday, 22 September 2014

Is there intemperance in my future?

I've heard at least one too many comments about my prolific falling and incredible story-repeating when I drink.   It seems I'm not as good at gauging how much I should go for as I used to be.

It is true that I have fallen, but I also fall when I'm not drinking, but as falling isn't my only charaacteristic when indulging, I've decided to give up alcohol.

I have always, since my last horrendous sip of Southern Comfort in 1965, been a wine drinker, with an occasional beer thrown in for companionship or Chinese food, so this should be a relatively easy initiative.

Given that I also want to lose 6 pounds, there is an incentive that doesn't link to my vanity.  Oh, whoops!

I don't want to go on about this, as I do think it's not such a big deal, but I'm going to follow up with a reminder in my calendar to see how I'm doing.

I'll be pleased if this works.  I just won't be as much fun.

1 comment:

  1. OH, wow, I posted about wine on my blog today. Gosh, I'm not giving it up though. Maybe I should?
    I'm sure you're great fun, with or without wine. I'll be a little jealous of the weight loss. I'm now pleasantly plump, like a grape. ;)