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Friday, 31 October 2014

In case you're going shopping

If any of you ever see a fountain like this, with a metal or porcelain bowl, please let me know by knocking on my door, or by phone or email or facebook.

I truly crave this.  It makes the most harmonious cling sound as the bells are moved around by the water.  It will enhance the bloogedy-bloogedy sound my present fountain makes on my side of the bed.


  1. It's very pretty, but random chiming at night?

  2. I bet it has a soothing sound. I have never seen one like this!

  3. Just getting caught up.
    I love the stools! Chalk paint is all the rage!
    The shoes are spiffy, I get why you want to hang on to the old ones, they look comfy!
    I love that gurgly bowl!

  4. For my upcoming birthday my husband has offered to get me a Tibetan Singing Bowl, so I can appreciate this fountain and that it makes sound! It's nice looking, too. Hope you get one!