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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I Crush....

Though this is not a recent photo, I've posted it today because I've been thinking about the journey my daughter Emily has taken since she left high school.
When she left high school, Dave and I were observers of an event that was already decided, and our regret was two-fold:  she was young, and she was leaving an arts program discipline (dance) that she loved and was good at.

Emily is a strong person, and she headed into the world young and confident.  Her enthusiasm for life was vivid and her interest was wide but unfocussed, so it took us a while sometimes to catch up to where she was in her post-family experiences.  She soared, she fell, she endured, she triumphed and finally, she came home, met the love of her life and became a wonderful wife mother.  And she came back into our lives with a bang.

I know I may sound biased.  Actually I know that I am biased, as I am for all my offspring, and I'm not apologizing for that.  Biased, I look at Emily and I see a person with so much spirit, so much integrity and so much support from her friends and family that it makes me realize that she has kept all the best things from her journey.  And I am as proud as I was when she was dancing at school, when she was making great jewellery, when she was giving wonderful aromatherapy advice and massages, when she graduated from her admin assistant course, when she wore a gorgeous greenish wedding dress and when she gave birth to her equally wonderful children.

This has been an exercise in promoting myself behind a front.  But it's an amazing and loveable front, and I take as much responsibility as possible for it.


  1. Nice post and photos, Lorna. How are you doing, old girl? Enjoying winter's arrival?

  2. What a lovely tribute, Lorna. Emily is a pretty girl. Those last two photos... sweet, and sassy. :) It certainly sounds like she's enjoying life.