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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

I boast about achievements I made today

I just turned on the overhead light with my nose.  Thankfully it was one of those flat switches, but to make it slightly difficult it was the one in the middle of three.

I finished reading a short story about the death of Jayne Mansfield, and I didn't shudder.

I walked to a meeting in -27 degree Celcius and arrived there without crying.  Then I lost my boots.

I made chicken soup from scratch and left it on the counter to cool; then I tasted it and it was so delicious I ate it cold.

I sat in my papasan with a copy of the catalogue from Victorian Trading Company, and I didn't actually place an order, although I did go back several times to this offer, and this one, and that:


  1. I confess to having to look up papasan. And is that 3rd pic a selfie or did Dave take it? I have been known to turn out lights with my nose, usually when my hands are full porting two breakfasts upstairs.

  2. AC, none of those photos is a selfie, but the one in the pink dress is a bunny...close.

  3. Girl, how'd you lose your boots?!

  4. A model of great taste in clothes - always - and self-restraint - not quite so often. . . What more could a guy ask for in a partner? Stay just the way you are. Your loving other fraction.