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Monday, 5 January 2015

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The other day I was out for drinks and dinner with friends.  As usual, I had a glass of Pinot Grigio, as did a woman across the table from me---someone I didn't know well.  As we ordered, and began on the "starters", I noticed that my wine was gone, and hers was still at the 5 oz level.  

"How does she do that?" I said to myself as I ordered my second glass.  I watched her surreptitiously, and couldn't catch her imbibing, even though by dessert and my 3rd glass, she was close to finishing.  Went home, slept through some some TV with Dave, and woke up thinking about 3 glasses to 1 glass, and how did she do that?

It made me crazy for days.  I usually have a glass of wine with dinner, and everytime I poured one, I reminded myself, unsuccessfully, that it would be nice if I could make that glass last till bedtime.

"Sipping!" I said to myself in the middle of a recent night, "she must have been sipping!"

I tried it, and it's so much better than drinking wine like it was milk.  I'm even thinking that the pleasant smartass who joins me after a glass or two was coming by earlier.

And at $9.00 a glass, sipping is even helping me cleave to (well, approach) my newly-defined budget.

Ah, the golden years.


  1. I think I'm a sipper, until I notice my glass of whatever has been inhaled. It has to be red wine in order for me to really sip it, not white. Or it has to be a drink I don't like much. If I like it a lot, it disappears like magic. I don't see it happening. I just look over and -- it's gone.

    1. Except for unoaked versions, red wine gives me headaches---of course sipping it had not occurred to me. I gulp milk because I love it and water because I hate it. I can gracefully manage almost any other drink.

  2. You're always watching people surreptitiously, and before now, I couldn't even spell it. You win the blog day.

  3. I'm glad no one bought you that book for Christmas because it's taken us this long to find the right balance of joy, support and chuckle from each other's foibles. Our life would go totally whacky if one of us became perfect. We could try reading the book together, but who could among our family and friends could stand our company if we were both perfectly happy AND perfect? Your perfectly happy other fraction.

  4. Haha. We would just get a bottle. My friend.

  5. At $9 per, I'd be sipping for sure.

  6. well, thought I would say that it looks like we could be twins, if you were born on may24th 1945,cos Im Gemini too and loving it, and reading your posts you seem as off the wall as I am ha ha-