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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Why Dave Eats Healthily (mostly)

I have had such a relationship with nostalgia over the last few days.  I went searching for photos and spent hours, sifting, crying, laughing, puzzled.  Then I spent minutes, which was about my limit, trying to figure out how to scan 4 photos without having a page of photos that I couldn't manipulate.  I'll look for a tutorial, I guess.

 I believe this is my parents' wedding picture
they are in the front row, left and centre
Crawling around the floor, trying to plug in the scanner, I found a filebox I hadn't seen for a while, and sat down immediately on the floor and opened it up.  It was full of cards and letters from Dave and the kids, and a few from my mother.  Among the cards, the most heart-catching was a birthday card from my mom and dad which had been signed by them both.  This was after Dad had had a stroke and I know how difficult and frustrating it was for him to manage pencil and paper.  It made a direct link with some of the photos I intend to scan which show the loving and different relationship between my parents when my dad was immobilized and my mom was the caregiver.  

I've told Dave that my mother's example of caregiving, which lasted for 7 awe-inspiring years, and included singing Beatle songs, was one I could only aspire to, probably not manage, so he's pledged to stay well.


  1. I look forward to seeing those photos.

  2. I entirely understand. Mom cared for two husbands and her brother in their final, awful years. I'm in a role as caregiver but not to that extent, and I'll always be in awe of her commitment.

  3. Sweet post. U look
    Like your mom. ;)