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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Life chez Cunningham-Rushton

From the perspective of two of our oldest and dearest friends:

He: (checking calendar, but not compulsively)  Look, dear, tomorrow is Lorna and Dave's valentine Open House.

She:  Mmmm

He: (the next day)  Does Lorna drink red or white wine?

She:  (laughs hysterically)  it could be either, I would think.

He:  Well, they certainly picked a cold day for an Open House....but there still seems to be parking near the building.

He:  There's no answer to the doorbell----Oh, sir, would you mind letting us in?  We're going to a party and they must be making so much noise they can't hear the phone.   Thanks!

She:  Very quiet...they must be in the community room....oh no, here's someone...

Lorna:  Ohmigod!  You guys....with presents....

She:  (perkily)  Are we the first to arrive?

Lorna: (without thinking, and while trying to persuade hair on the crown of her head to lie down a bit)  I was asleep!!  I mean, ohmigod, you're here!!

They:  Well, this is your Valentine Open House, isn't it?

All: (for the rest of the afternoon, and into the evening)  Oh, we're so, we're so sorry; how could we have forgotten to let you know we'd cancelled?  Well, we should be going....Oh please, let me see if I can find some wine, and some biscuits and oh! why don't we have Chinese from our favourite place....only if we share the price (whispering) we can't let them pay for anything...they brought chocolates and biscuits and wine!
Cheers (glasses clinking)  Happy Valentine's Day.  Great Chinese food!  (whispering) We're going to have leftovers!!  Well, this has been the best Open House ever!  See you again soon...Ohmigod, I'm so  sorry!


  1. How horribly wonderful for everyone! Sounds like the best party ever.

  2. Yes you are!
    And what a great idea, to have an annual open house on Valentine's Day. I shall try to come out of my hermithood long enough to do that.

  3. Ha! Thanks for making me, Lorna!

  4. I guess our invite to the non-affair got lost on the interwebs, but it's a long (and cold) walk to get there anyway. HaPPy BeLateD ValenTine'S DaY!

  5. Oh, that's funny! But it sure sounds like it turned out to be a lovely visit with good friends and good food.