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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

To write, or to paint my nails?  the two are not incompatible, only not in the same timeframe.  Here's puzzling proof.
Name of gorgeous colour?  Thinking brilliantly
Confession of vanity? check!
Ability to move on?  distressingly unsure

Today I heard myself described as "fragile".  I laughed heartily to try to disprove it.  That didn't work,  so I had a discussion with my friends about the box marked FRAGILE (pronounced fra jill ay) in A Christmas Story.  Funny but still considered fragile.

A definition from google's favourite dictionary:

adjective: fragile
(of an object) easily broken or damaged.
synonyms:breakable, easily broken; More
"fragile porcelain"
antonyms:durable, robust
I am not amused.  I can walk for miles.  I can make my own breakfast.  I can carry two of my five grandchildren.  I can dance to celtic fiddles.  I am not weak, delicate, frail or debilitated, although the last has a certain wine-inspired appeal.

I am marching up on 73, and damn it, just because I sleep in sometimes, it doesn't mean I couldn't, and haven't recently, pulled an all-nighter.

Those of you who think of me as fragile, stop it or beware.



  1. We are all fragile at times. What was the context?
    A lady who wears glittery shoes and paints her nails with such a glorious shade of red is NOT fragile. She's a force.
    Like Taylor Swift says, "Shake it off!"
    Fragile. Whatever!!

  2. I can attest: NOT fragile. Your loving other fraction.

  3. Ooh, love the nail color! Fragile... no, wouldn't say that at all. Okay, I don't even know you very well. Still... no.