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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Classified Secret

I'm alone in the condo.  Some of the things I've been doing today:

  • opened a jar of olives, speared some with a knife and ate them (carefully) off the blade
  • turned the volume on the Bose up to 77 to play Evanescence  
  • lined up my nail polish by colour (aside:  how did I get 14 bottles of nail polish?)
  • left clothes in the washer all afternoon
  • wore unmatching clothes
  • had salted caramel frozen yoghurt for lunch
  • set myself to listen to 36 songs by Joy Williams
  • cut the hair along my neck with scotch tape and a hand mirror
  • spent a crazed 20 minutes looking for my tablet until I remembered I'd lent it to Emma, then read email on my phone
  • danced in the kitchen
  • shined up silver earrings with toothpaste
  • got lost in magazines while I was looking for a crochet pattern
  • did not crochet a stitch or look at the weather
It's been kind of a nice day.  Monday happens tomorrow, but I could actually have another day like this one


  1. Give me a hint, here: what part did the scotch tape play?

  2. Lorna, you are wonderful! You made me smile. AND made me jealous that you had so much fun . :))

  3. 14 bottles of nail polish? My great grand daughter Gracen would love to come to your house, especially if she could have some of that frozen yoghurt.

  4. I love that you listen to Evanessence!!!!