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Friday, 6 March 2015

Why I'm thinking of moving to our non-existent basement

Did I mention that I hate having to keep track of my spending?  I really ought to just stop here, because the only reason I'm able to live in this house and use this laptop and eat my chocolate is because Dave always keeps track of his spending, and looking at his $$ success, I would be silly not to follow his lead.

Still, figuring out what is an acceptable personal purchase and what is a dodgy home purchase, is making me lean towards fixing my face using the pencils we keep for obliterating (ha!) the scratches on the floor, and brushing my hair with a clothesbrush, both things I can chalk up to home expenses.  Dave doesn't wear make-up or use fancy hair treatments or drink wine or buy tins of Godiva dark chocolate pearls, so it makes me feel pretty shallow when I claim two lipsticks for one set of lips and two kinds of wine-in-a-box so that I can drink red with my hot dogs.

And today, I accidentally bought a couple of books.


  1. There should be enough room in a budget to have a little fun with, whether your fun comes from a box or whatever! Maybe it's time to sit down together and re-examine it?

    1. funny you should say that---Dave, as his usually generous self, had a couple of suggestions for rethinking things. I hope I never make him seem anything but wonderfully committed to our mutual happiness. whether I'm reading your posts or your comments on mine, you always make me think

  2. Shoot! I left a comment here yesterday but it didn't TAKE! I just said that my husband's priorities and mine are not always the same, so while I consider his opinions I then go ahead and make my own decisions about what money will be spent on. Neither of us is always right; quite often he is, and then again quite often he ends up being the main user of something I've purchased against his advice.