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Tuesday, 2 June 2015


My lovely granddaughter Phoebe, she of the tattooed foot, is getting married in August. Yes, I hear you saying, "But she's only 19!"

I think I said it myself several times when I first heard, but as you may have guessed Phoebe is her own person, and given that she got this tattoo the moment she was old enough, and that she chose the image from my parents' headstone to honour my mother, you'll have to agree that she knows about love.

It's quite exciting to hear about the wedding plans, to see the hush-hush photos of the dress and to be involved in the bridal shower.  Luckily for her, my only part in that will be to be there.

Phoebe is a sweet and thoughtful girl and will make a beautiful bride and a loving wife.  Look forward to the well-meaning but blurry photos I always take and hope that the formal wedding photos will be available for sharing electronically.  In the interim, here's a photo I didn't take
Phoebe and Phil Warner

   and one that I did

Phoebe and Chris, 3 years ago (and yes, I made her buy those pants)


  1. There have been many happy marriages made early in life; age isn't the determining factor for success in loving partnerships, as we all know; maybe maturity is, and willingness to grow and change, and flexibility, and kindness. Not to mention a healthy dollop of tolerance! Here's wishing your Phoebe all the best, of the giving AND receiving kind.

  2. Congratulations to Phoebe and Phil, to you and Dave, and to Chris and his wife.

  3. Good choice on the pants. I like your photo fine.

  4. Your photo of Phoebe is a very good one, Lorna! Congrats to Phoebe. I wish her many years of happiness.

  5. I, too, married at 19 years old. We'll have our 32nd anniversary later this year. I did wait to get my first tattoo until I was in my 40's though.
    All good wishes to Phoebe and Phil. :)