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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

And so, we took a weekend away from politics

This weekend, Dave and I went up to Barrie for our grandaughter's wedding.  Phoebe is 19 and statuesque, as well as a romantic and a sentimentalist.  It made for a great wedding.

 This is where the sentimentalism came the rehearsal, Chris and Kevin, both her dads,  practice escorting her down the aisle

Here she poses with two of her uncles and her sister

Here she arranged to have her bouquet and those of her attendants left at mom and dad's headstone so that they were part of the ceremony, and elsewhere I've lost a photo of her bouquet, with my mother's Eau de Lourdes rosary entwined amongst the flowers.

And of course, those were only the things that we knew about; given that there were 7 sets of grandparents, multiple family on both sides, friends young and old, I'm sure there were some other things to wring the heartstrings.

Young love!  there's nothing like it.