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Monday, 5 October 2015

And in questionable sports news

Today I walked so far around downtown that:

  • I needed to buy two of those mega-size Rogers caramel-cream chocolates just to keep up my energy
  • I gave money to the same sidewalk guy twice  (he actually told me I had done that...luckily I was out of change by then)
  •  I counted 40 coffee shops and one Sobey's before I gave up counting
  •  my phone ran down before I did
  • I stopped at my fave bar and discovered a new shrimp dish (which I could have done if I'd taken the bus, I guess)
  • Once I got home,

    I had to sit on the chair in the hallway, deep-breathing, before I could take my shoes off. 


  1. I don't see how all that exercise could possibly be healthy for anyone.

  2. You did all that walking in THOSE shoes? How were your feet?

  3. Pretty shoes, but I don't know if I'd do a lot of walking in them. :-)

  4. All good. You're winning a marathon, not running a sprint

  5. Sounds like a magnificent walk, the kind I miss. Good for you.

  6. The shoes! Dancing yes, walking a thousand miles? No way lady!

  7. Walking boots not nite on the town shoes woman! ;D

  8. Haven't posted in a while! Where have you been??