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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lorna learns a lesson. Again.

I am not normally a creature of habit.

I am not normally a creature of habit.

I just wanted to make that clear.  Having said it however, I must admit to an ingrained foible or two.

When Morgan and Emily got married, they gave us the lush terry robes provided by their honeymoon retreat, and I, who had never tried a terry robe before, although I was familiar with flannel, cotton, silk and polyester, fell deeply in love.  I have worn that robe at least once a day every day when I was at home, since I got it.  And that is not  a habit, it is a practicality.

Since moving to our condo, I have developed another practicality or routine, not habit, for showering.  I put on my terry robe, and my old fit-flops, I go into the bathroom, open the shower door, turn on the water, shut the door and while I'm waiting for hot water, I drop my gown on the floor, back up towards the shower and step backwards out of my shoes and into the showerstall.  After I have my shower, I open the door, set out into my shoes and robe and voil√†! I'm  on top of the world.

One day last week, I went into the shower routine, and found that the hot water was a while in coming.  We live on the ground floor, our hot water lives on the roof in a huge tub 13 stories away (green living), so I wasn't surprised.  Aha!  I said to myself, I can make good use of this time.  I got my coconut-scented body scrub and applied it to all the appropriate body parts.  Still no hot water, but lots of scrubby stuff all over me.  Eventually, I had no choice but to have a cold shower.  Having had little or no experience with this phenomenon, I emerged hot under the collar, but freezing pretty much everywhere else.  I was composed enough to get into my robe and fit-flops, composed enough to call the Super, but definitely uncomposed when he reminded me that, just as he'd said in the memo,  there'd be no hot water for 36 hours starting that morning.

Dave, my companion and helpmeet, got the memo.  And not that it matters in the least, but Dave showered at 6 a.m., just before the 7 a.m. shut-off.  I wouldn't want him to think that had anything to do with the flaked tuna and slightly-underdone eggs on rye-toast I served for dinner.

That would smack of revenge.


  1. You are so funny -- "hot under the collar but cold everywhere else." For a fleeting instant, at one point I thought you were saying that you'd given up the habit of showering.

  2. LOL
    Thanks for this Lorna, I needed a few chuckles today!

  3. I liked the pre-soaping of the appropriate parts. This would have pissed me off, too. Dave is lucky you even made dinner!