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Thursday, 9 June 2011

I'm getting out my sparkly sneakers

I haven't talked very much about the volunteer work that I've been doing the last little while, and I think maybe I should at least mention it, since I'm going to ask you to think about doing something.

I'm a regional director with a Canadian national organization called PFLAG Canada, and the reason I wanted to mention it is to remind you that there will be all kinds of Pride events going on across Canada and the U.S. all this month and over the summer.

If you have the opportunity, please support these events, particularly the Pride Parades.  Having been in a few, I have to tell you that the interplay, the response, with the spectators touches everyone who marches.  And you'll be amazed at the diversity of this community within your broad community.

Be an ally.  And watch for me in Eastern Ontario.



  1. I'll be watching for you, possibly the most Sparkly one there, and that is saying something!

    Hope they get the venue all sorted out for Ottawa Pride.

  2. Good on you, Lorna. I'm so glad you did mention your volunteer work with PFLAG Canada. I have friends who support it here. I have never been to a Gay Pride parade although the one in West Hollywood is fabulous, I hear. What made you choose this organization over another non-profit, out of curiosity?