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Sunday, 28 August 2011

R-E-G-R-E-T(T), spell it for me, spell it for me

Well, I walked the whole of the Pride Parade today---two PFLAG bracelets, 2 gambler-style cuff-holders in rainbow-coloured flowers, one 6-part rainbow bracelet of glass beads, white scarf with blue stars and my fly zipper completely open.  Only the last was unintentional.

People I knew called out my name, wished me Happy Pride and gave me lovely, mutually-engaging hugs, but no one told me that the zipper on my blue jeans was exposing the turquoise underwear.

Maybe I look like that's my style.....


  1. I'm sure no one noticed because they were looking at your dazzling smile ... and those myriad glittery things.

  2. Hahaha, didn't even notice Lorna. Was great seeing you today xxxxxxx


  3. Considering some of the things you can see at a Pride Parade. They probably thought you were starting a new fashion trend ;)

    All the cool kids are doing it!!

  4. Love this post! Ha!!
    And without saying 'how'...
    it could have been worse! ;)

  5. Just picked this up on FB. You and Dave look so cute in your photo at FB. Glad you enjoyed the Pride parade. I have to do that sometime.

  6. OH DEAR! That sounds like something I might do! :)