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Monday, 22 August 2011

Catch me if you can

  • 5:15; wake up anxious about something---oh yeah, going away for the weekend, but everything is ready so I change clothes 3 times, and get going.  I'm early but decide not to eat breakfast at home.  Drive into town and walk about 4 blocks to get yummy cinnamon buns. Discover I've left my wallet in the car
  • 7:30; decide to have breakfast somewhere else and then go for my bone density test; except for leaving my wallet behind on the car seat, it goes well; get my credit card eaten at the pay-your-parking machine
  • 11:30; on the road, stop to grab lunch, drop half-full carton of coleslaw on my carseat and discover that although Dave never throws away a napkin, we have none in the car
  • 4:00; miss the exit off the 401because it's on the right and I'm 3 lanes over to the left
  • 6:15; finally arrive at hotel after perusing every street in Brampton, asking help from 4 differently-knowledged people and crying because Dave took the GPS with him on his trip
  • go swimming with Dave, Sarah and the girls, turn my silver bracelets to dingy bangles and miss the hotel breakfast
  • drive with Dave to the Eaton Centre, discover it's the Eglinton Centre, take the subway and just make it on time to the Eaton Centre to meet my friend Lyndon
  • drink frozen coconut mocha latté, brain-freeze, chat, tour the books at Chapters and take a totally shocked, slightly scared Lyndon to H & M where he assures me he has never gone before, even when I tell him it isn't just a girls' store
  •  take my brother to dinner in a great place, order the ribs and discover that the ribs were taken from a resurrected dinosaur---they were HUGE; chat up the musician for whom nobody but us clapped
  • ensure that my brother gets the styrofoam boxes with the 6 left-over ribs---he ought to get through them before September
  • try to persuade Dave to get ready on time, but forget to do so an hour and a half before we leave to get Phoebe
  • go to Gay Day at Canada's Wonderland, sit at the booth with 10 or so charming volunteers until it starts raining, at which time we become 20 or 25 volunteers, all with wet feet
  • find out that the catering staff is over an hour out of sync with our needs for the dinner and learn how to staple skirts to display tables, how to holler until we get enough chairs, then cave and tell the rep from Wonderland Special Events that everyone has been wonderful.  I did it with my fingers crossed and silently added, "everyone from PFLAG".
  • walked up to the stage to welcome the participants in French and had to be helped up by a 7-month pregnant newlywed
  • waited to eat just until the burgers and buns hit maximum dryness, but compensated by drinking a 1-liter glass of Coke
  • was absolutely bowled over by how Dave and Phoebe fit in, were helpful and got hugged by all kinds of people as we were leaving
  • 10:00 discovered, just as we were leaving town, that Chris, whom we haven't seen since last March, had just come home from his latest trip and zipped down to get in an hour or so with him; spent most of it unhumourously, pathetically, earnestly trying to get him to stop smoking again.  Not the reunion I had in mind
  • 5:00 got home; found Emily and Robyn waiting for us, then stood by while Robyn laughed and threw herself into Dave's arms
  • 8:00 stopped pouting
 Breathless?  You bet!


  1. I live such a humdrum life in comparison. For example: I can't remember the last time I forgot my wallet. And that's just for starters. How pathetic is that?

  2. wow i'm tired just reading it.

  3. You're a very busy girl but it sounds like a good busy! Don't pout -- you have lots who love you!

  4. I wasn't scared, more perplexed :) It's not like I'm very complicated when it comes to fashion. T-shirt, Jeans, Sneakers!!

    It was fun seeing you and meeting Dave for the first time, but it was far to short!!

    Next time, to go along with our book scavenging; we should go for lunch as well?? Talk about France and maybe I'll have something new to tell you about by then. Job wise, I don't mean the other thing ;)

  5. And what a weekend you had, those ribs did sound good and I know you were glad to see everyone......:-)Hugs

  6. Breathless--so am I! I would probably collapsed after the bone density test. and missed the fun.