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Thursday, 18 August 2011

School of hard noughts

Today was a day of learning.  I didn't intend it to be one; that's just how it played out.  Here are some of the things I learned:
  • after you put the cream and sugar in your coffee cup it is imperative that you put coffee in the filter before you pour in the boiling water
  • after your second try at making a cup of coffee, it would probably be best to drink it.  Leaving it in the kitchen while you do the washing is second-best.  At best.
  • pineapple sticks, as lovely as they are, do not go well with Special K.  Go figure.
  • after you try out several outfits, and choose one, remember to put your underwear on before you think you're ready to leave
  • if there's  a thunderstorm warning, put the plants in the protected part of the patio; if you don't, when you go home, don't get hysterical when your fuschia appears to have gone missing; think about checking to see if it rolled down the hill to the path
  • don't trust yourself to not look when you go into clothing stores; don't push the limits by trying things on; do give yourself a chocolate croissant for buying nothing, even though, if you have to say so yourself, you looked pretty sassy
  • always believe little kids who are screaming at you when you're walking across an intersection under construction; stop for a few moments after the cement truck speeds around the corner
  • see if you can just let that big bag with the featherbed in it stay where Dave left it when he went to Toronto; who says feathers are light?
  • believe in your ability to eat no more than two toasted-coconut marshallows before dinner
  • if you're going away for the weekend, get real about how many pairs of earrings you need to pack; ditto for shoes
What's that thing about old b**ches and new tricks?


  1. What is a pineapple stick?
    Oh wait, I'll go google.

  2. OK, it's pineapple on a stick.
    Um, frozen? Deep-friend? Candied?

  3. No actually, it's pineapple cut in sticks---some fast food places serve them for kiddies' healthy snacks. I got mine from a grocery store but when we were in France last year, I got some at McDonald's. I was disappointed that they didn't come with crème au chocolat

  4. Great job! It's important to keep mentally active by learning new things.

  5. Wow, where the heck are you shopping? I've been positively combing the city looking for dresses, and coming home empty handed and depressed.

  6. @ Jamie: I was at Kaliyana ( at something Mountain at Bank near 3rd. There's also a very nice consignment shop whose name I can't remember on Richmond Rd near Tweedsmuir on the north side of the street and 3 wild Women just west of that. None of them are inexpensive but they're a bit quirky, which I love.

  7. I put raisins or blueberries on my Special K. Yum!!!

  8. Boy that must have been some day. However This am I learned it is not wise to try to fill the coffee pot with water for the coffee maker and try to close the filter container simultaneously. Somehow a whole stack are now drying around the kitchen. I can cut them and use them in a smaller personal coffee pot.

  9. I think the store is Magic Mountain on Bank and Ricochet on Richmond ;) good job not buying anything at those stores but that's a pretty dangerous combination of tempting venues!

  10. too funny!! i relate to the stayin outta the stores and not tryin things on.