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Friday, 26 August 2011

Troubles, tiny troubles

I'm having a pretty nice life this week.  But there have been a few disconcerting things:
  • I ate a crunchy apricot
  • I can't get out of my head a horribly racist ditty my mother taught me when I was a kid, and when a song about a "poor old Chinaman, his name was Chingchaluchalan" was just something you sang to the little guys if they were cranky
  • when Dave left for his Newfoundland holiday, he didn't come back even once for things he might have forgotten, and I was left, pathetically, standing by the door until about the time he got on the highway
  • I realized that the only potentially-dangerous shoes I have left are the towering sequinned blue wedge heels I wore to Emily's wedding
  • I remembered with a stunning crash that there will be no season première of The Tudors in September
  • none of my favourite bloggers got read and I felt only mildly guilty, but I know that Facebook is to blame 
  • we're out of chocolate chips and I didn't even notice
What is the world coming to?


  1. Aw ... no Tudors? Pity. (denote sarcasm)

  2. I'm pleased your troubles are only tiny! Mine are tiny too so we can be mildly confused together.

  3. You really are blessed!!! However, I do know that minor annoyances can be just as nerve-wracking as big ones. I'm dithering about the hurricane heading toward my daughter and some blogging friends as well as the idiots in Congress who want to let me starve. I hope prayer works!!!!

  4. Facebook is to blame and I'm finally catching up to you, too.