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Friday, 28 October 2011


Dave and I are sharing a computer for the first time in about 3 years, and I find I don't quite know how to do that.

We're polite, respectful and caring people, and I know that working out how to share anything should be a cinch, but in actuality, we've both changed the amount of time we spend doing volunteer work, checking friends on Facebook and Google Plus, playing games (only one of us, but still) and googling stuff.  Our expectations and our needs don't seem to fit one PC.

For example, I'm feeling somewhat at ease right now because Dave is watching the World Series and I know that he's not grinding his teeth waiting to be in this chair (which strangely enough is more ergonomically sound than the counter stool I usually use).  Granted, he probably never grinds his teeth over the fact that I'm using his computer.  I only fear that he might.

I haven't really slipped to my knees for this, although I considered it:
Dear Dell Almighty,  please do not delay working on my sweet laptop once she arrives.  Fix her good and send her back.  The World Series only lasts so long.


  1. Sharing? What's sharing? I've been single since 1984. I don't think I'd be a good sharer.

  2. That would be very hard for me, I must admit. Hope Dell does a quick turnaround and it's not too expensive.

  3. Oh, I've got a great idea...why not buy an iPad to tide you over until your laptop is fixed? I am sure you could find a use for it after you get your computer back too. Whaddau think?

  4. I remember when having one computer in the house was a major thing, now we need one for each person, it seems. Althegal used to actually move our desktop up to her room for and hour or so a night before I demanded it back.

  5. :D well your next computer will have to be a Mac. less problems; knocking wood soundly.