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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Me, Joelle and Humpty Dumpty

I know I look sad, but we were all delighted with this beauty.

Almost our granddaughter: Joelle is the second daughter of one of the people we're closest to.

When our daughter Emily, who's now in her early 30's, was 6 months old or so, we were lucky enough to hire a young Sri Lankan woman to come to our house, with her children, to look after Em while I went back to work. Dayani, her husband and children became family, and have stayed that way ever since, through family cataclysms and family wonders.
One of the wonders, the baby pictured with me, is the sweetest-tempered, biggest-haired baby ever, and as Dayani's family always cherished Emily, and therefore us, we cherish her and all her family.
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  1. D'y'know, I am sure I used to have those exact same crystal wine goblets!
    And it's always nice to see a photo of you and yours.

  2. The baby looks happy, and I'm sure you are too. Are you like me and can look a bit sombre even when you don't feel that way?

  3. She is absolutely adorable.