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Monday, 30 January 2012

Aqua fugit...

My mum and dad were conscientious parents, who cared about our bones and skin and teeth.  I swear.  But I can never remember their saying, "Don't forget to drink lots of water...."

I struggle with drinking enough water every day.  Really, it doesn't occur to me.  I have had at least two cups of coffee every day of my life since I was twelve.  Milk? I couldn't get enough of it.  Orange juice was the delight of my life once I stopped drinking it from cans.

Water just isn't tasty to me.  My kids, my friends, my grandchildren, my doctor---they all drink water as if it were the most natural thing imaginable.  All my grandchildren have water bottles of various sizes and colours and don't leave home without them.

I too have a water bottle, although I would be hard-pressed to remember the last time I spontaneously picked it up.  I have lovely glasses, some of which I bought especially to entice me to seek water at regular intervals.  I have good intentions.
Is it a generational thing?  A geographical one?  Am I wired counteraquatically?


  1. I am with you on this even if we never agree on movies and I refuse to wear fancy shoes.

  2. I know I should drink more water too. I think it's a fairly common problem. I have to remind myself often.

  3. I fill a drinking bottle with water twice a day, and keep it at my desk while working, or on the kitchen counter or table where I see it many times a day. This is how I get 8 cups of water down daily; otherwise I'm just like you and your rowdy friends Anvilcloud and EG Wow.

    I like water, so it isn't hard to drink, but if it wasn't right there in my face and handy, I'd never think of it.

  4. Funny, I have had this conversation with lots of people. I recently banned soda from my diet, a big deal, since I was a four pepsi a day drinker. Now with that gone, I definitely drink more water. You would think something so basic to human survival would be a natural thing to seek. But for me, eliminating alternatives made it a lot easier.

    1. my alternatives are few, and I'm not giving up, I never seem to feel thirsty.

  5. You are so funny! I love self desiccating humour!

  6. It may be generational, although I think I may be a generation ahead of you. I drink little water. However, some physicians I use ask me my total fluid intake per day, and I come out pretty well as I drink milk and 4 cups coffee per day. Although 64 0z. is suggested, most are happy if we get 48 oz which generally do, little or none of which is pure water.