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Sunday, 15 April 2012

April 15th, AGAIN?

It's Sarah's birthday today, which also means that 6 days ago it was the 41st anniversary of our adopting Chris and bringing him home.  Always, these are big days for me, as is Emily's birthday, because the birthday of your child, or the adoption day, is the day when you get an absolutely indelible picture of that little person, all tangled up with the actual things that went on before and after the event.

In Sarah's case, I always remember that my first husband had a headache so he went home, and right after he did, I had to be taken out to another building in the hospital complex for an X-ray.  I was going to be wheeled on a stretcher right past the place where he was waiting for a drive, and not wanting to worry him, I pulled the sheet up over my face.  Maybe not bright, but I was in labour.

The girl grew up. 

But she still thinks I'm funny


  1. A significant time to remember! I hope Sarah had a wonderful birthday.

  2. a wonderful remembrance of blessed events. I loved it.

  3. Happy Birthday to lovely Sarah!!!!!

  4. Lorna, everyone thinks you're funny. ;)