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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Will the circle be unbroken?

I don't think of myself as a time waster.  I know that there are those who, seeing me in my robe, reading books and drinking wine, may think so, but their perspective is warped by ignoring the fact that I'm retired.

This morning, though, I did waste time, and I did it right here at my laptop, trying to take a more original approach to a post that has been buzzing around my brain for a few days.  Aha, I thought, I'll hang it on a series of photos.

Over half an hour later, having looked at darling photos of my grandchildren, stirring family poses, exciting old trip pictures and photos I can't remember taking, I realized that was not the right approach.

Never mind, I said, that was a shallow topic anyway.

What kind of thing could I blog about that wasn't shallow?  That profound enigma occupied me for quite a while, then I thought I'd just take a quick look back at the change I'd made in the theme of the blog only yesterday....did that, hated it, and started trying other templates.  Went through all the standard offerings, tried to remember how to customize the blog, did some research, went back looking for some of the photos I'd seen two hours ago, but couldn't find them, also couldn't find the change I'd made yesterday and hated every possible theme.

Had coffee.  Again.

Gave up.  Hope I haven't wasted your time.


  1. Lorna I love to read every word you write. It is never a waste of time.

    Though I can say I relate to any feelings of self-doubt about whether blogging (when I do it, that is) is worth anyone's time to read or if it's just a waste of my time and theirs. Who cares what I had for breakfast and what I'm doing today? and so on. Well, it turns out that those who know me actually find that kind of stuff interesting, so there ya go. I have to remind myself of that or I'd never keep blogging. And happily, if I don't blog about my humble daily doings for a week, I get phone calls and emails wondering why not. So obviously there are a few folks who don't think my boring b.s. is a waste of time. Shallow or not!

    And YOU write 1000 times funnier than I do, so ... just keep it up, girlysue. Even were it shallow, you'd still make me grin.

    I like the new template, looks good.

  2. of course not silly. spoken by one of the best little time wasters in the world.