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Saturday, 14 April 2012

We'll just end up looking like each other

In the last couple of years, Dave has taken to reading more, and I have taken to watching (certain) sports on TV, but only with him.  It's a sign of our becoming more like each other as we get older, I guess.  No, really, for me it's a sign of my inability to find ways to thank Dave for cooking breakfast every day.

Anyway, my Adventures with TV Sports took a weird course tonight.  Dave was out, so I thought I might catch a movie that wouldn't be appealing to him, and in my TV guide search, I found a listing for the IIHF Women's Hockey Championship.  I can't believe it but I watched the fastest, cleanest, most exciting hockey game, and I did it alone.

Canada wins gold!


  1. It will never happen in our house that Cuppa will watch a hockey game, never mind on her own.

  2. Hmmm... almost convinced me to watch a hockey game ... mmm ... nope.

  3. I love women's sports!!! I noticed the difference when my kids were growing up. Our daughter's soccer and basketball games were much more 'civilized' than our son's. Then again, I also noticed that girls' fouls were more subtle than the boys' and often didn't get called.