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Monday, 22 April 2013

Rebellion runs riot

Things I  did today that bore no relationship to my "To Do" list:

  • engaged in scurrilous (only on my part) emails with the company that came last Thursday to fix my dishwasher and my dryer, which on Friday were right back to their non-performing ways and who thought Thursday would be soon enough to come back and take a look
  • returned goods that must have been dropped in my shopping cart by a demented person who thinks "polyester" and "almost transparent" are age-or-season-appropriate
  • unwittingly left that store with more goods, and the drug store next door to it
  • knocked over a table on the patio---not so awful, but our bar-b-q was sitting on it at the time
  • cooked 2 eggs instead of one for my tasty egg salad on a lettuce leaf lunch and felt obliged to make two sandwiches as a result, which I ate
  • made and knocked over in record time my second coffee of the day, which made its way into the broken dishwasher, the inside of the oven door, the top of the stove where it commenced to burn the glass top and the floor which I had, true to my "To Do" list, just washed
Things I'm going to do today that bear no relationship to my "To Do" list:
  • have a nap
  • forego the Weight Watcher routine and eat a steak
  • buy blue mascara (actually that should have been on my list)


  1. You truly live life on the edge.

  2. You guys sure seem to have your problems with getting repairs done right.