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Monday, 26 May 2014

Plan B

One of my daughters called to tell me that SoftMoc was having a sale and I could get the sports sandals I'd been looking at with envy for 30% off.

I jumped at the opportunity, Sarah picked me up and we went off to make the difficult decision between turquoise and purple and to get our discount.  Tried them on, chose purple, got discount, went home and decided to wear the shoes around the house for a while, even though in the store they had felt very good, were very light and made me feel like scaling giant rocks.

After an hour, my feet looked like two Belgian waffles, with bits of very pink skin swollen up through the lacings, and everywhere that my feet touched the black, rubbery part of the shoes had broken into a rash.  I have always claimed that, unlike the rest of the Spindillyrushinghams, I have no allergies, but alas, another legend bites the dust.

Maybe I won't do anything that requires a sport sandal and can continue to wear my sequinned hightops for the more rigorous activities in which I partake.  


  1. Oh no! Can you return them? Love the hightops!

  2. If you hiked the Rockies in those hightops, a legend would be born: Dances on Air - the Sequined Spirit Walker.

  3. I have had a few foot incidents: one in which I bought sandals from India made out of old tires. I got a huge blister (and I mean huge) as my penance.

  4. I love the high tops! That's fashion, baby!!