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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Paradise Regained

 Two years ago, after convincing my family that I wasn't just infatuated, but in real love, with the iPod nano, I was gifted with one for a significant birthday.  With the help of my talented kids and grandkids, I learned how to use it, and downloaded a lot of music I really loved.  Heavy on:
Meat Loaf


The Civil Wars

Hart Rouge

Lucinda Williams

Ron Sexsmith


And I know I'm going to be annoyed at the loved albums I haven't referred to.  I didn't include any of the classical ones, because although I thoroughly enjoy it, I can't line up the music with the concertos, movements and symphonies, not to mention the composers.

I loved walking with an iPod, crocheting with one, sitting in a chair with popcorn and one, or drinking wine and eating chocolate with one.

Last summer, I lent the Nano to Emily.  She is a sweet and generous person, and I decided that I wouldn't ask for it back, knowing how full of babies and work and meals and kickboxing her life is.  And now I have an iPod shuffle, which is teeny tiny efficient, cheerful and did I mention inexpensive.  It's perfect.

I'd totally forgotten how much I love having music beating in my ears, and how happy it makes me to find ways to do stuff with music in the foreground.  


  1. I love my iPod touch, although it's showing it's age lately. I feel like I should know "Hart Rouge" I'll have to look them up.
    Music is the soundtrack of your life. I love how diverse your tastes are.

  2. My dirty little secret is that I don't know any of these although I have heard of some of them.